DPSMateTBC – DPS Metter for The Burning Crusade

  • Version b54
  • Download 2103
  • File Size 9.23 MB
  • Create Date May 15, 2019

DPSMateTBC is a combat analyzation tool.

What is DPSMate? DPSMate is not only a meter which shows numbers of the raid, such as damage done, damage taken, dispells etc., it is moreover an analyzing tool to review the raid or the previous fight as accurately as possible. This data can help to improve the gameplay or to judge better over someones performance.

Mentionable features of DPSMate


  • Several frames, allowing to show different modes at the same time
  • Resizable, allowing to adjust it to the interface
  • Fully costumizable by using the configuration menu


  • ~40 different modes
    Some of them are:
  • Healing and Absorbs (Effective healing and Absorbs)
  • Deaths, recall your or someones death
  • Dispells, showing everyones dispells including hot dispells such as Abolish Poison
  • Interrupts, including stuns and silences
  • Auras (Gained, Lost and Uptime)
  • Compare mode


  • Several Segments (Total, Current, and previous fights)
  • Synchronizing, to guarantee accurate data
  • Report function for every mode and everys player data
  • And many more...
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