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How to update your Graphics Drivers for Battle for Azeroth

With every new World of Warcraft expansions comes updated graphics. World of Warcraft now supports DirectX12 which won’t exactly give better graphics but should increase performance on multi-core systems if the team keeps optimizing its client. Also, there is Weather 2.0 which makes weather effects like rain a bit more intense. They’ve also updated a […]

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Leatherworking 1-450 WotLK Guide

Approximate Materials Required for 1-450: 57 Ruined Leather Scraps 130 Coarse Thread 10 Medium Hide 75 Salt 245 Light Leather 130 Medium Leather 190 Fine Thread 30 Gray Dye 20 Heavy Hide 180 Heavy Leather 410 Thick Leather 145 Silken Thread 410 Rugged Leather 35 Black Dye 92 Rune Thread 100 Knothide Leather Scraps 307 […]