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Patch 8.0.1 Hotfixes: August 28

On August 28, Blizzard released several new hotfixes for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. This time, it includes fixes for the Druid’s Tranquility’s heal over time that wasn’t visible to the caster on raid frames. Also, the patch comes with fixes for Azerite Powers, Dungeons, Items, PvP, Professions, World Quests and much more below.

Azerite Powers

  • Fixed an issue causing Combined Might and Stronger Together to grant less Haste, Versatility, Mastery, and Critical Strike than intended when those respective buffs are triggered.


  • Druid
    • Tranquility’s heal over time is now visible to the caster on raid frames.


  • King’s Rest
    • Spectral Berserker now recasts Severing Blade after 8 seconds (was 4 seconds).
    • Shadow of Zul’s Shadow Barrage direct damage reduced by 30%.
    • All enemy casters now have mana bars.
  • Siege of Boralus
    • Viq’Goth’s health has been increased.
  • Tal Dagor
    • Overseer Korgus
      • It is no longer possible to outrange Hearstopper Venom.


  • [With server restarts in each region] Azerite armor from Dungeons is now tradeable.
  • Fixed a bug in which several trinkets were unintentionally breaking nearby crowd control effects.

Player versus Player

  • Many low-level items with effects that provide crowd-control such as Silence or Stun will now stop working at a level appropriate to the item’s expansion.


  • Cooking
    • Crafted foods now provide significantly more health and mana.
  • Engineering
    • Holographic Horror Projector will now properly break after an appropriate amount of damage has been dealt to the target.
    • Holographic Horror Projector’s fear effect is now classified as Magic and can be dispelled.


  • Fixed a bug preventing Zolani from being available to complete “Evidence of Evil”.
  • The Signal Falstad ability should be more reliably available to players who logout or leave The Great Sea while completing Chapter 4 of the Alliance War Campaign.

World Quests

  • Being hit by the Frightened Stomps of the Frightened Brutosaur during “Underfoot” will no longer flag players for PvP.
  • Jammer no longer disappears when defeated in a pet battle, and no longer has other pets helping him in the pet battle.


  • Several missing Zandalar mailboxes have been found and delivered to their proper locations.
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