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How to update your Graphics Drivers for Battle for Azeroth

With every new World of Warcraft expansions comes updated graphics.

World of Warcraft now supports DirectX12 which won’t exactly give better graphics but should increase performance on multi-core systems if the team keeps optimizing its client. Also, there is Weather 2.0 which makes weather effects like rain a bit more intense.

They’ve also updated a bunch of old models for monsters, critters, etc..

jaina model battle for azeroth
The new Jaina model in Battle for Azeroth

Here is how to update your graphics drivers depending on if you’re using NVIDIA or AMD graphics card or Intel HD Graphics (mostly used in laptops):

  • For NVIDIA, you can just download GeForce Experience here and then it’ll tell you when new drivers are available for your specific graphics card. If you don’t want to install the whole thing, you can also use their Manual Driver Search, here.
  • For AMD, follow this link. Just like NIVIDIA, you can choose to either download the automatic driver updater or manually select your driver.
  • Intel just released its latest drivers (Intel HD Graphics), in version You can find the installer by following this link:

Finally, if you want to know more about Weather 2.0, feel free to watch this amazing video made by OneAzerothTV.


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